“Dr. Mitchell put me at ease immediately, is very personable, and quickly gained the insight she needed to help me gain the perspective I needed to heal. She also has given me very helpful tools to use on an as-needed basis to maintain, and even exceed, the progress we made during the virtual sessions. I only wish I had been able to work with Dr. Mitchell sooner!”
S.J. – Cincinnati, OH

“Working with Dr. Mitchell our boys are gaining an increasing level of ability to prepare themselves mentally; to manage their emotions on the course; to be able to deal with success and adversity; to stay positive despite whatever adversity; to celebrate positive outcomes and to learn from negative ones.”
Parents of Twin High School Freshman Golfers

  • Junior All-Stars
  • Top 10 Finishers in TGA South Mid-Am
  • 6A District Champion
  • Texas Winter Showdown Champion
  • Two-Time AJGA Champion

Dr. Mitchell came into my life at the perfect time. She is easy to talk to about the most challenging of subjects and helped me feel comfortable almost immediately even though we used technology to meet because I live out of state. I’m very happy that Dr. Mitchell is in my lifeboat helping me along my journey in addition to my family’s. She has helped me with my performance skills and stage presence as well as the personal challenges I come across in my life.
L.J. – Comic and Actress

“”Thank you to my golf club for allowing us to continue to see Dr. Mitchell for my kids mental well being – especially during these crazy times! Thank you Dr. Mitchell for your unwavering dedication to your student athletes.”
Mother of 2 Pave athletes (competitive bowler, high school golfer)

“As a busy working woman with many other personal commitments, it was much easier for me to schedule online sessions with Dr. Mitchell without the constraints of being confined to normal business hours and consideration of travel time. I was able to relax in the comfort of my own home which allowed me to succeed in therapy quickly.”

“During the corporate event, I learned that neutral thinking and the massive effective of negativity can impact my work productivity. Dr. Mitchell’s discussion on communication allowed me to learn that it is about much more than verbal words spoken.”
Software Company

“This was the first time in my professional career that I wanted a session to last longer. Dr. Mitchell kept my attention and interest the entire time. Actually, would define this training as FUN and informative.”
Corporate Consulting Company

“The assessment provided by The Pave Group allowed me to see where I actually was regarding company change versus where I thought I was in each area. This allowed me to know the areas where I need to improve. Appreciated seeing it in black and white.”
Pharmaceutical Company

“Gave us insight into how we manage change and ideas on how we can manage ourselves going forward based on our natural tendencies.”
Pharmaceutical Company
“Dr. Mitchell helped me to realize that as a company we can help each other in various areas depending on what we are strong in. This allowed me to feel confident in our ability to handle our growing company and manage my anxiety about the upcoming corporate changes coming our way.”
Tech Company
“Best workshop that I have ever been a part of. Showed that our company is invested in our success and these tools will set us apart from our competitors.”
Software Company
“Appreciate the opportunity to have this kind of elite training for our minds – we are so focused and dedicated to mastering our skillset in our careers, or training our bodies, we often overlook the power of our mental state and how that can contribute to our overall wellness and success. Thank you!”
Pharmaceutical Company