This is a very common question. Many athletes and people that wish to perform tasks at a high level know they want help with their “mental game” but are not exactly sure what they need to do in order to achieve their goals. That is where The Pave Group can help! We teach specific mental skills that highlight a tangible and concrete path to improved performance.

Every person is different, therefore there are many difference reasons for seeking assistance with performance. However, the most common areas of referral are: anxiety, depression, recovery from injury, transition to a new competitive level (college, professional), confidence and mental toughness, learning how to relax, managing and controlling emotions, anger and perfectionism, coping with setbacks, and improving focus.

This will depend on the setting, age group, and whether you are an individual or a team, but in general there are 3 components: assessment, education, and support.

During the assessment piece, we will identify your goals, passions, roadblocks, strengths, areas of improvement and identify specific performance skills that need to be developed. This will happen through interviews, assessments and asking the right questions to elicit responses that will provide information to develop the most beneficial plan to address these needs.

The education piece involves a learning process of how all these things interact and how to successfully implement these new skills into your routine and be able to access them in competition. For example, we might decide that the focus of our time will be improving your ability to reset after a set-back. There are specific mental skills that help you become more resilient.

The support piece is the final part of the process. This portion of the program is the ongoing encouragement, assessment, and communication that occur as you take what you are learning and gradually implement it into your training and competitions. Depending on the program, this could mean weekly meetings, practice/competition observations, phone check-ins, etc. We will develop this part of the program together in order to help you gain confidence, motivation and focus both on and off the court/field.

Unlike other approaches that focus on a one dimensional, one-size-fits-all approach, we are consistently measuring productivity and effectiveness so we can adapt when needed to ensure success.

When we compete at an elite level in an ever-changing environment, the solution is not one-size-fits-all. Results vary from athlete to athlete and are contingent upon variables such as the ability to implement performance strategies, a desire to improve, a clear vision and commitment to goals and a willingness to overcome the mental obstacles throughout the process.

However, anticipated outcomes include improved confidence, greater composure, and increased concentration because of enhanced ability to cope with distractions and the ability to perform at your best when it matters most.

The Pave Group also believes that as we reduce outside distractions and working on functioning better as an overall individual, our ability to become stronger athletes increases. So, people can also anticipate improvement in overall communication, increased mental health, the ability to overcome all adversity and overall balance.

These skills are anything that can be practiced with regard to performance. Some examples are energy management, pre-competition routines, effective goal setting, visualization, self-talk, concentration and focus strategies, and managing nerves. These tasks are often described as simple and are therefore overlooked. Not only will you learn which skills will be most valuable to increasing your performance, but you will gain assistance in implementing them into your daily practice to see results faster and more consistently.

You would be a great candidate for performance psychology if you have the physical talent and skills for your sport and are motivated to perform your best in competition, but have realized:

  • You should be consistently performing better in competition.
  • You perform better in practice than in competition.
  • You’ve lost confidence or are in a performance slump.
  • You are looking for specific support to elevate your performance.
  • You need a place to talk through next steps, goals, desires and preferred outcomes.
  • You can’t concentrate in the now or are frequently distracted.
  • You get upset with yourself easily after mistakes.
  • You have a general idea of what is happening with your performance but are looking for concrete tools to implement and make yourself better.

If this sounds like you, email us or book a free 20 minute consultation so we can assess your needs and begin taking you from good to great to elite.

If you are open to change and motivated to improve the mental side of performance, then the answer is YES! Our programs can be applied to any level of competition, including young athletes and parents, junior, high school, college or professionals. We work with individuals as well as teams. Our programs and assessments allow us to concentrate on the needs of each athlete, regardless of the specific sport. To see some of the feedback we’ve received about experiences of athletes in all sports, visit our testimonial page.

Not at all. Our program is designed for anyone that wants to achieve optimum performance in their career, athletic performance or personal life. We’ve worked with individuals, corporations, athletes, teams, coaches, and organizations large and small in the U.S. and abroad.

However, we do incorporate many proven techniques that athletes use to achieve peak performance in their field. And while our philosophy is rooted in sports performance psychology, the strategy and tools we apply will work for individuals, groups, or organizations. We offer services to entire companies, teams, leadership units, and corporations. Contact us for more information regarding our group offerings.

We believe in a customized approach to fit the needs of individuals, teams and coaches. We initiate our team performance program by assessing the needs of your group and creating a program that will combine seminars, clinics, workshops, and individual sessions to target the specific challenges you would like to address with your team. We also provide coach consultations to assist in increasing communication between player and coach and building a trusting environment where everybody competes at their highest level possible. Contact us to build a customized program for your team.

Our performance psychologists can help teams by enhancing confidence, improving focus and the ability to communicate with each other, increasing practice efficiency, and building team unity. We can also help the team identify why performance is below potential, how to adjust when teammates leave and how implementing mental strategies can positively impact performance.

This question can often be challenging to answer because everybody is unique and require a customized solution in order to reach the goals. That being said, it takes approximately 30 days to identify the skills needed to change a habit, 60 days to implement those into a routine and 90 days to have those routines become automatic. Depending on the specific skills that need to be learned to address a change in habits, that will ultimately determine how often we meet.

Typically, we want to meet four to six times in order to get to know each other, discuss your frustrations and goals, and tailor a program specific to you. Once a plan is effectively put into practice, many of our athletes come in for regular “tune ups” and “refreshers” as they continue through their career. We also work with athletes as they progress into a collegiate or professional careers.

The beauty of the Pave Approach is the customization, flexibility and individualized theme. So as you grow and change, your program will be adapted to ensure success.

Of course. Many of our clients live across the country and even abroad. Telephone sessions, video phone services, and email help us communicate and implement your unique plan. And when in-person sessions are needed/desired – we are happy to travel to you.

  • Face-to-Face in the Conroe/Montgomery/Houston, Texas area.
  • Phone, email, video conferencing programs & support from anywhere in the world.
  • Face-to-Face at your site for teams/groups/individuals.
  • Online Mental Training.

At the Pave Group, we firmly believe in a team approach and that all parties need to be on the same page. So, we regularly communicate with coaches. However, we also value and respect an athlete’s right to privacy and want to be build trust in our working relationship. If the athlete would like us to coordinate with his or her coach, we have the athlete (and parent if necessary) sign a specific release form which allows us to communicate with others.

Contact The Pave Group today to get your free 20 minute consultation and determine which option is best for you or your team in order to perform at an elite level and experience success you never thought possible. Why not NOW!

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