Sample Speeches and Workshops

Change is inevitable – growth is optional. So how can you achieve the right mindset to pivot, adjust, and adapt when these changes occur? This workshop is ideal for individuals, teams and organizations faced with an uncertain environment. Job stress, career change, promotions, mergers, new recruits being enveloped into the team, acquisitions, company restructuring, expansion, and layoffs are all issues that must be addressed. In this workshop, we discuss the seven (7) traits associated with the ability to successfully change and how to adopt and adapt these traits to achieve personal and/or professional excellence. This workshop puts tangible things in place and allows people to understand how they need to adjust to change. It allows everybody to speak the same language in order to deal with potential frustrations with regard to change. This will decrease issues, increase performance, and allow the team to adapt as a unit.

How do you get everyone speaking the same language and working toward the same end in mind? How can you build bridges between and among your employee groups so nonverbal communication is an asset instead of a liability? And how do you handle cross-generational communication between seasoned employees and younger new hires? In this workshop we’ll identify the barriers to successful communication and we’ll share practical tools and techniques anyone can use to improve interpersonal communication in a personal or professional environment. We will discuss how important both verbal and non-verbal communication is as well as address proper communication to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. We will address specific issues regarding communication within your team and organization in order to maximize productivity and function at the highest level possible. Adversity will strike, that’s a given, but how we communicate through that adversity is what ensures elite performance. Communication is the key to personal and professional success.

In this workshop we will discuss the two elements needed to improve your golf swing; the fundamentals of execution (physical side) and the mental component (psychological barriers). Unlike traditional workshops, this workshop can be taught virtually, in the classroom, and/or out on the golf course. This workshop address the mind/body connection and how what we think impacts how we perform.

Note: This workshop can be customized for other sports performance improvement efforts. Please contact us for more details.

People who are resourceful are problem-solvers. They know that there is more than one way to achieve a goal or find a solution. They are determined, willing, and eager to explore all the possibilities and they inspire and help motivate others around them who may be inclined to walk away or give up. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the qualities needed to develop resourcefulness including flexibility, open-mindedness, and creative thinking. This workshop can also incorporate a mindfulness component. When we quiet the mind, possibilities and solutions are highlighted and resourcefulness increases.

Being optimistic is more than just hoping things will turn out well. It’s a mindset which, when strengthened, can be a powerful leadership trait. We do not know that positive thinking works; however, we do know that negative thinking DOES work – and it works NEGATIVELY 100 percent of the time. So, this workshop addresses the concept of neutral thinking and allows participants to recognize the messages we tell ourselves and how those thoughts become actions and how they impact performance. Optimists don’t wear rose-colored glasses. They can see when things aren’t quite working out. The difference that optimists bring to the table is the ability to see opportunities and possibilities where others may see defeat. In this workshop, we’ll analyze the all-important trait of optimism and discover how challenges and setbacks can be tackled with a positive mindset.

This is perhaps the most important trait because without a spirit of adventure and courage, it’s difficult to commit to any of the other traits. The willingness to take risks and venture into the unknown can satisfy all kinds of personal and professional desires. In this workshop, we will discuss what it means to be adventurous and brave and how you can leverage these traits to profoundly affect your performance. We will address issues when corporations or teams do not promote “thinking outside of the box” and highlight strategies to communicate your ideas in a way that can be effective within the boundaries of companies and teams. Setting boundaries as well as learning when to push through those limits allow people to thrive in an every-changing environment. The more we know about this interpersonal trait, the more we are able to find that every elusive “balance” and separate ourselves from our competition. Adventurous people often experience burnout, so this workshop will also address these issues as well as self-care strategies that are unique, easily accessible, and adaptable to the specific need.

What is life without passion! In this workshop, we will identify the traits of a passion-filled life while learning how to ignite and fuel your own passion. The ability to move through life situations with confidence and courage is a key skill. But over time, confidence can waver and fluctuate in peaks and valleys. In this workshop, we will identify environmental factors which negatively affect confidence and we will learn how to strengthen confidence muscles to be able to handle any situation with ease. This workshop helps you rediscover what makes you excited to get up in the morning and start your day as well as how to overcome issues that arise when that passion is challenged. You’ll discover the best ways to nurture your passion in a way that restores and rejuvenates, while avoiding burnout in the face of adversity.

Resilience and adaptability are important qualities to achieving an elite mindset. Setbacks happen. Mistakes happen. But the ability to convert those setbacks or mistakes into learning opportunities is a skill worth developing. To be successful in an ever-changing environment, it’s imperative to adjust and maintain professionalism and elite performance. In this workshop, we will address specific strategies to assist you in developing resilience and adaptability so you can follow through on a task, mission, or goal despite the inevitable setbacks that occur along the way.

Change is inevitable. How well do you handle the uncertainty of the unknown? Sometimes that change occurs without answers and concrete objectives – that’s the nature of organizations, teams and companies. What that change will look like and how it will impact people is often not explained or clear. How do we adjust to change when we don’t know in what form it will come? How do we learn to live in the gray, when we prefer black and white answers… and a plan? In this workshop, we discuss how to deal with fear and the uncomfortable feelings that come with change and the unpredictable nature of life in both the professional and personal realm. And, we will share strategies for overcoming these challenges so you can develop a higher tolerance for ambiguity and learn to live in the gray and deal with change in order to thrive no matter how ambiguous it might seem at the time.

“Appreciate the opportunity to have this kind of elite training for our minds – we are so focused and dedicated to mastering our skillset in our careers, or training our bodies, we often overlook the power of our mental state and how that can contribute to our overall wellness and success. Thank you!”
Pharmaceutical Company

“Best workshop that I have ever been a part of. Showed that our company is invested in our success and these tools will set us apart from our competitors.”
Software Company

“Gave us insight into how we manage change and ideas on how we can manage ourselves going forward based on our natural tendencies.”
Pharmaceutical Company